Business Advantage Directory

The Business Advantage Directory concentrates on Australia’s leading 5000 organisations and has in excess of 40,000 senior management and key decision maker contacts.

The Directory is fully searchable on:

  • 16 major industry types
  • 115 vertical industry groups
  • 20 different titles and job roles
  • Gender
  • Annual revenues
  • Employee numbers
  • State and region

Specifically developed for sales and marketing professionals (and the Advertising/DM Agencies they engage), the Business Advantage Directory is a key asset for all those developing and implementing B2B marketing campaigns.

The Directory is totally independent and is not biased towards publication readership or reliant on responses from the researched organisations. The accuracy and integrity of the data is our recognised differentiator with the data being compiled over many years from our own continuous research – every week we add new companies, remove others - and the entire database is updated a minimum of three times each year.

The newly released online search system here, means that anyone can now run any number of ‘what if’ contact count enquiries as sales/marketing campaigns take shape. The web search system here also allows Subscribed customers to run counts and download that contact data anytime they require it.

1. Annual subscription basis

An annual subscription to the Directory allows a company to extend the access URL, user name and password to any number of employees.

  • A first year subscription for unlimited (internal) company users is $7,495 (+ GST).
  • A renewal (Yr2 onwards) subscription attracts a 30% discount and is $5,245 (+ GST)
2. List rental

Any selection of the various contact names from the directory (appended with either company mailing address, phone/fax numbers, or both) can also be rented under a single use or multiple use agreement.

Contact list rental is very cost effective for as few as 500 contacts.

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3. List purchase

Any selection of the various contact names from the directory (appended with ALL available data including company mailing address, phone/fax numbers and more) can also be purchased outright under a data purchase agreement. These agreements are ideal if you want to import the contact data into your own CRM or lead management software or intend continuously using the contact data.

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