Privacy Policy

Australian Corporate Data supports and adheres to the rights individuals have relating to the use and dissemination of information about themselves. Australian Corporate Data supports the Australian Privacy Principles which form the basis of the Privacy Act 1988, the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.

Australian Corporate Data has been in the business of researching corporate contacts for business purposes for over 20 years and maintains stringent standards around data integrity and security for its Business Advantage Database.

About Australian Corporate Data

Australian Corporate Data is an Australian business that uses 100% Australian based employees, resources and ICT systems. Australian Corporate Data serves a B2B audience primarily under an annual subscription basis for the purposes of researching and identifying companies that are a ‘best fit’ in terms of becoming potential clients. Leading to around 20 different selection options on the most appropriate contact/s within a company for the products/services being marketed, ensuring that the most appropriate person can be reached first time, cost effectively and less appropriate staff are not wasting their time on inappropriate communications.

Australian Corporate Data’s Business Advantage Database covers around 5500 government and private sector organisations that represent that sector of the Australian economy with the most purchasing potential for business products and/or services. Australian Corporate Data’s clients value accurate, segmental and targeted data as the basis for engaging those business clients that they can best serve and deliver value.

Business Practices with regards Privacy

Australian Corporate Data’s own staff collect information directly from the vast majority of organisations and in some cases also use an organisations publicly available sources. Where possible and reasonable, Australian Corporate Data informs organisations and their employees of the purpose and potential use of their information within the Business Advantage Database.

Organisation and individual information is never provided for any use, other than as stated in this policy.

The extent of personal information on any individual does not exceed - Salutation, First Name, Surname, and Job Title. Any other information relates only to the organisation and is considered public information.

Australian Corporate Data employs dedicated staff responsible for the completeness and accuracy of information.

Australian Corporate Data does not store personal or company information in any 3rd party hosting facility, data centre or cloud based infrastructure. Australian Corporate Data only supplies information to authorised users and employs safeguards against unauthorised access, external interference or modification.

Individuals ability to Opt-out

Individual’s can opt-out of inclusion within the Business Advantage Database either by making their wishes known when next contacted by phone by Australian Corporate Data staff to update/confirm their information. Individuals can also opt-out or request access to their own information by making a submission in writing via:


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